Powwow in Paris, A John Tall Wolf Novel [#6]

Powwow in ParisJohn Tall Wolf takes off.

John Tall Wolf and his wife, Rebecca Bramley, take Alan White River to Paris.

White River’s goal is to retrieve sacred Native American artifacts that are about to be sold at auction. John, of course, has a plan. Only it looks like his first idea will fall short. So John has to consider crossing the same line White River did when he stole the Super-Chief: becoming a thief for a noble cause.

The John Tall Wolf Series:
Tall Man in Ray-Bans [#1]
War Party [#2]
Super Chief [#3]
Smoke Signals [#4]
Big Medicine [#5]
Powwow in Paris [#6]
Top of the Mountain [#7]

Published by Stray Dog Press, Inc. [2019]
ISBN: 978-0-9974500-6-4 [ebook]

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“Another really great John Tall Wolf Novel. This book … is another winner. Great characterization, intelligent people doing smart things, plenty of action, great dialogue.” — David Turrentine, amazon.com

“What follows is an artful story that subtly explores cultural perspectives, the art world, and moral dilemmas. And if you have been following Joseph Flynn’s books as I have been, you have the added bonus of checking in with old friends and catching up.” — murasakinoneko, amazon.com

“This was another one of those books that you just cannot put down once you start it. The story took place in Paris and the author’s descriptions make you feel like you are there.” — Gabi Rosetti, amazon.com