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The Man with a PlanThe Man with a Plan

Jim McGill has gone up against hardened criminals, crooked pols and the occasional homicidal madman. Dealing with those guys was a walk in the park compared to the news that a young official from the U.S. State Department delivers to him.

U.S. intelligence says that China wants him dead. Not the whole country. Just the guy who calls all the shots.

McGill is stunned. Why would someone like that want to do him in? Simple, McGill was the guy who spoiled China’s kidnapping plot. The one meant to bring dozens of the world’s brightest young minds to China and make them do Beijing’s bidding.

Not wanting to go into indefinite hiding, McGill confers with Patti and President Jean Morrissey. They both agree there’s only one way to deter the Chinese.

McGill has to run for president.

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