Powwow in Paris — A John Tall Wolf Novel #6

Powwow in ParisJohn Tall Wolf takes off.

John Tall Wolf and his wife, Rebecca Bramley, take Alan White River to Paris.

White River’s goal is to retrieve sacred Native American artifacts that are about to be sold at auction. John, of course, has a plan. Only it looks like his first idea will fall short. So John has to consider crossing the same line White River did when he stole the Super-Chief: becoming a thief for a noble cause.

The John Tall Wolf Series:
Tall Man in Ray-Bans [#1] War Party [#2] Super Chief [#3] Smoke Signals [#4] Big Medicine [#5] Powwow in Paris [#6]

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 “A Wonderful Addition to the John Tall Wolf Series!” — patonpuppy, amazon.com
“I have read all of the John Tall Wolf novels and each one gets better. The Pow Wow In Paris was excellent! ” — Jerome G. Cleve, amazon.com
 “Just love the John Tall Wolf series. Joe Flynn never fails to provide his readers a wild ride that covers all emotions.” — Ann Louise, amazon.com
 “The latest book in the John Tall Wolf series is another hit for Joe Flynn.” — Joseph J. Sebek, amazon.com

Published 2019 by Stray Dog Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9974500-6-4 [ebook]