Impaled, A Ron Ketchum Mystery [#3]

Ron Ketchum gets a nighttime phone call from Clay Steadman, movie icon and the man who saved Ron’s career as a cop. Clay says he’s dying and wants to ask Ron for a favor or two before he goes.

Ron races through a Sierra Nevada blizzard to Clay’s house, but he’s too late. Clay is already dead. Someone has driven a wooden stake through his heart. Impaled him.

Things get even more macabre. Marlene Flower Moon, Clay’s production partner on his latest film, slips past a police guard and enters the murder scene. She sniffs the body, picking up the killer’s scent in the most literal way.

If that’s not enough, an earthquake hits, triggering a number of avalanches. Ron hopes Mother Nature has trapped the killer in Goldstrike, the mountain resort town where he’s now mayor.

Maybe she has. Because a screenwriter Clay talked to about collaborating with him on his final script soon turns up dead. So now there are two murder cases for Ron to solve.

The Ron Ketchum Mysteries

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 “Joseph Flynn is a fantastic writer and I have read almost all of his works — can’t wait for the next one to come out!” — Barbara Crawford,
 “I would give Joseph’s books more stars if possible. This series (Ron Ketchum), along with his Jim McGill and John Tall Wolf series, are amazing.” — Kindle customer,
 “Excellent. I have read the three book series of this character and loved everyone of them.” — Andy Cassin,

Published 2015 by Stray Dog Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9908412-1-0 [ebook]