On the Run — Take the Money Trilogy, Book 1

In the summer of 1941, Sergeant Dan McGill did the unthinkable, something no Chicago cop was ever supposed to do. He refused to go on the Mob’s payroll. Refused to become one of organized crime’s stooges in blue. If the Mob let something like that go unchallenged, it’d be the end of them.

So McGill had to go. Six feet under. Only the Mob made a serious mistake. The boss decided Charlie Hart, Dan’s best friend and the crooked police lieutenant who’d been given the task of roping Dan in, had to die, too. That was the price Charlie had to pay for failing to make Dan knuckle under.

The Mob got Charlie, all right, but then Dan struck back. He killed the boss’s two sons and then the old man himself. He caught the boss just as he was about to blow town — with $3 million stuffed into two suitcases. Finders keepers, Dan thought. He took the Mob’s money after all.

From that moment on, a hunt began that would span four years. The Mob would stalk its target throughout the United States and all the way into war-torn Europe after learning that Dan, now calling himself Charlie Hart, had joined the army. The boys in Chicago figured if they didn’t kill the bastard, the Nazis would get the job done.

Take the Money Trilogy
On the Run, Book 1 
Cohort 1, Book 2
Homeward Bound, Book 3

Published 2020 by Stray Dog Press, Inc.
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eBook ISBN: 978-0-9977506-2-1

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5 stars “A fascinating story based on the exploits of Jim McGill’s great uncle, Dan McGill. Jim, known as the “President’s Henchman” (from the absolutely amazing Jim McGill series) relates the story of his great-uncle and his time as a cop fighting crime and the Chicago mob.” — Paytonpuppy, amazon.com

5 stars “Wow!! Haven’t read any Joe Flynn in awhile, but this one does not disappoint. Good cops, dirty cops, mobsters, sharp shooters, a world war, and a delightful hero are thrown together in a marvelous mix of mayhem and good times.” — Ann Louise, amazon.com

5 stars “Oh my. What an exciting book.” — Kindle customer, amazon.com