Cohort 1 — Take the Money Trilogy, Book 2

Landing at night on a beach in the South of France, Cohort 1, Major Edward Kinney commanding, has a plan to penetrate enemy territory, conceal the American military presence, and get their bearings before going on the offensive. Two-men teams will move forward at timed intervals

Major Kinney assigns Sergeant Charlie Hart and Master Sergeant Russell Weaver to act as the rear guard. Not wanting to just hang around while waiting their turn, Charlie takes it upon himself to investigate a nearby hamlet and see if he might learn something.

That’s just the start of improvisation. Charlie and Weaver’s first enemy targets turn out to be of immense value. As Cohort 1 moves inland, a female British spy finds them by identifying their boot prints in a field of mud. Faced with the prospect of starvation and freezing to death as winter approaches, the spy comes to the rescue … there’s this castle in neutral Liechtenstein.

Fighting their way through France and Southern Germany in their own unique style, Cohort 1 gets whittled down. Not by the enemy but by a summons home from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Only Charlie, two of his comrades, and the British spy decide to stay and soldier on.

Take the Money Trilogy

On the Run, Book 1
Cohort 1, Book 2
Homeward Bound, Book 3 

Published 2020 by Stray Dog Press, Inc.
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eBook ISBN: 978-0-9977506-3-8 

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5 stars “Fascinating Second Book in the Trilogy” — paytonpuppy at

5 stars “This is another page turner to the end. The author’s devious twists in the plot never ceases to amaze me.” — review

5 stars “I truly had a hard time putting it down-stayed up until 3:30 this morning trying to finish it.” — Hueby at