Homeward Bound — Take the Money Trilogy, Book 3

Homeward Bound

The war in Europe is all but over and Germany’s surrender is imminent, but Charlie Hart’s work continues. Given his background as a Chicago cop, he’s assigned to track down and capture the commandant of the Dachau concentration camp. That evil bastard, realizing that the Nazis’ end is near, has taken off with a truckload of ill-gotten gold. General Crosswell orders Charlie to find the war criminal and bring him back to face an Allied court of justice.

Charlie has no objection to following those orders. He does so in style, using the leverage from on high to commandeer his own aircraft, with SOE agent Robyn Bradly acting as his personal pilot. Their pursuit leads to Malmö, Sweden, Amsterdam, and ultimately Paris. Shortly after arriving in the French capital, Sergeant Patrick Jameson reconnects with his old comrades-in-arms, and the three of them soon close in on their sinister prey.

After that … well, it’s time for Dan McGill to resume his own identity and head home to Chicago to confront the Mob.

Take the Money Trilogy

On the Run, Book 1
Cohort 1, Book 2
Homeward Bound, Book 3

Published 2020 by Stray Dog Press, Inc.
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eBook ISBN: 978-0-9977506-4-5

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5 stars “Loved the trilogy. Each story of WWII put me in a frame of min d that common men can do great things, but not by accident.” — BL Thomas, amazon.com

5 stars “Absolutely brilliant” — Kindle customer, amazon.com

5 stars “Without a doubt the best books I’ve ever read in my life and I read a book a day it’s a wonderful story with wonderful characters.” — Chris Finger, amazon.com