The President’s Henchman Character List

The President’s Henchman [Book #1 of the series]

[in alphabetical order by last name]
Gen. Altman, Air Force Chief of Staff
Cheryl Altman,
General Altman’s wife
Bobby Beckley,
Sen Hurlbert’s campaign manager
Gawayne Blessing,
White House head butler
Edwina Byington,
the president’s personal secretary
Alberta Cartwright,
a follower of Rev. Burke
Daryl Cheveyo,
CIA officer, Todd’s agency contact
Arlene Cowan,
Capt. Dexter Cowan’s wife
Dexter Cowan,
U.S. Navy captain
Celsus Crogher,
Secret Service Agent in charge of White House Security Detail
Lida Dalman, general manager of Bloomingdale’s in McLean, VA
Clare Daniels,
Abbie McGill’s friend
Walter, Penny & Winston Delk,
co-conspirators in the death of Andy Grant
Sen. Cutler Dixon (R-GA),
chairman of Senate Armed Services Committee
Carolyn [McGill] Enquist,
first wife of Jim McGill
Lars Enquist,
Carolyn’s second husband
Kira Fahey, Vice President Mather Wyman’s niece
Gen. Joseph Fabin, Chairman of Joint Chiefs
Rep. Brun Fleming,
Harriet Greanlea, Eamon Lochlan’s neighbor
Rev. Burke Godfrey,
Pastor of Salvation’s Path Church, husband of Erna
Erna Godfrey,
wife of Rev. Godfrey; on death row for the murder of Andrew Hudson Grant
Patricia Darden Grant,
former congresswoman, now president, second wife of Jim McGill
Andrew Hudson Grant,
Patricia Darden Grant’s first husband; philanthropist; murdered by Erna Godfrey
Sen. Howard Hurlbert (R-MS),
co-sponsor of Support of Motherhood Act [SOMA]
Ab Jenkins, night shift Secret Service agent
Graham Keough,
Chana Lochlan’s first boyfriend
Mary Kay Kinsley,
hotel event planner
Monty Kipp,
Washington bureau chief for W2N, Chana Lochlan’s boss
Donald “Deke” Ky,
Jim McGill’s Secret Service bodyguard
Rep. Doak Langdon (R-GA), co-sponsor of Support of Motherhood Act [SOMA]
Walter Leschay,
a friend of Sen Roger Michaelson
Leo Levy, Jim McGill’s armed driver
Carina Linberg,
USAF Colonel
Chana Lochlan,
White House reporter; McGill’s first client
Marianne Lochlan,
Chana’s mother
Eamon Lochlan,
Chana’s father
Nanette Lochlan,
Chana’s elder sister
Maxwell Lucey,
owner of A-Sharp Sound, a recording studio on the first floor of the building that houses McGill’s office
Imogene Lyle,
Eamon Lochlan’s fiancee
Jim McGill,
Patricia (Patti) Darden Grant’s second husband, aka henchman, private investigator
Abbie McGill,
the oldest child of Jim McGill and his first wife Carolyn
Caitie McGill,
the youngest child of Jim McGill and his first wife Carolyn
Kenny McGill,
the middle child, the only son of Jim McGill and his first wife Carolyn
Chief Petty Officer E.P. McGill, Jim’s late uncle and the creator of Dark Alley
Robert Merriman,
Sen. Michaelson’s Chief of Staff
Sen. Roger Michaelson,
(D-OR) Patti’s foremost political nemesis
Galia Mindel,
Chief of Staff to President Grant
Dikran “Dikki” Missirian,
McGill’s business landlord
Chief Patrick Manuala, Honolulu Chief of Police
Lissa Mulvay,
Abbie McGill’s friend
Artemus Nicolaides,
White House physician
Merilee Parker, press secretary for Sen. Howard Hurlbert and one of Galia Mindel’s spies
Patrick and Tara Quinn,
parents of Welborn’s late friend Keith Quinn, who died in the car crash along with Joe
Michael Rawley,
Chana’s late husband
Laurel Rembert,
publicist and patient of Damon Todd
Lindell Ricker,
a co-conspirator in the plot to kill Andy Grant
Major Clarence Seymour,
adjutant to Air Force Chief of Staff
Putnam Shady,
Sweetie’s landlord
Tony Sheridan, Dex Cowan’s accomplice
Capt. Barbara Sullivan, Evanston PD officer who coordinates protection for McGill’s children
Margaret “Sweetie” Sweeney,
McGill’s longtime friend and police partner
Damon Todd, deranged psychotherapist
Tomas Van Owen, Director of Central Intelligence
Aggie Wu, Press Secretary to President Grant
Mather Wyman,
Patti’s Vice President; former governor of Ohio
Welborn Yates,
Air Force lieutenant, OSI investigator

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