The Next President

J.D. Cade was trained to kill by his country. To kill without leaving the slightest suspicion as to who pulled the trigger. He did his duty and put the past behind him. Or so he thought. Now someone is blackmailing him to use his deadly skills one more time. Someone is using his only son as a pawn to force him to do what he swore he’d never do again: kill a human being. And this time the target is Franklin Delano Rawley — the first African-American on the verge of becoming the president of the United States.

As J.D. penetrates the inner circle of the Rawley campaign and gets to know the man he must kill, the more he realizes how difficult it will be to pull the trigger. But in order to spare Rawley’s life while saving his own son, J.D. must somehow find out who is behind the conspiracy that could change the fate of a nation.

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“Readers raved about this book by the author of the page-turner, Digger, who brings us a “captivating” cat-and-mouse suspense story focused on J.D. Cade, a trained killer who is being blackmailed by people who want the next President of the United States, an African-American, dead. Full of “twists,” a “well-written, timely thriller.” — Barnes & Noble Guide to New Fiction

“The latest entry in the election year tradition of political thrillers from the campaign trail is this tough, stylish tale about a reluctant assassin who can’t bring himself to follow orders to kill the Democratic nominee for the White House … Flynn (Digger) propels his plot with potent but flexible force, using just the right mix of pressure and release to maintain suspense deep into the story. He also shows a patient touch with his characters, allowing Cade and several others to develop well beyond the status of simple role players.” — Publishers Weekly

 “A thrill a minute of skulduggery mixed with fast-paced action leaving the reader taking sides. I highly recommend it. It was hard to put down.” Milo Bisconer,

Published 2010 by Stray Dog Press, Inc.
Originally published by Bantam Books, June, 2000
ISBN 978-0-9830312-5-3 [eBook]
ISBN 978-0-9830312-5-3 [trade paper]