The Man with a Plan Character List

The Man with a Plan [Book #14 in the series]

Aidan Behan, Detective, MPDC, Washington, D.C.
Abra Benjamin, FBI Director
Richard [Dick] Bergen, Vice President, former senator from Illinois
Ellie Booker, CEO WorldWide News
Taylor Bradley, second cousin to McGill siblings
Rockelle Bullard, Mayor of Washington D.C., former MPDC
Edwina Byington, Patti McGill’s  personal secretary
Jimmy Clarkson, U.S. Senator, Wyoming; True South candidate for president
Celsus Crogher, CEO, Crogher Personal Protection
Carolyn Crosby, U.S. Representative; Cool Blue candidate for president
Byron DeWitt, former Deputy Director, FBI; now President Morrissey’s husband
Nan Franklin, Jean Morrissey’s personal secretary
Donald “Deke” Ky, owner of Threat Assessment Reality; formerly, Secret Service agent
Daphna Levy, Secret Service agent
Brad Lewis, head of Jim McGill Investigations, Chicago office
A.B. Lincoln, junior U.S. Senator, Illinois
Tara Lloyd, associate of Deke Ky in Threat Assessment Reality
Abbie McGill, older daughter of Jim McGill and his first wife
Caitie McGill, younger daughter of Jim McGill and his first wife
Jim McGill, CEO, McGill Investigations
Ken McGill, MD, son of Jim McGill and his first wife
Patti [Grant] McGill, former President, head of Committed Capital
Marvin Meeker, former MPDC, private investigator
Galia Mindel, Patti’s former chief of staff
Dikki Missirian, Jim McGill’s building manager
Jean Morrissey, President (POTUS)
Cale Perkins, Abbie McGill’s former boyfriend
Preston Perkins, older brother of Cale Perkins
Putnam Shady, Sweetie’s husband
Elizabeth Sun, detective, SFPD
Margaret “Sweetie” Sweeney, McGill’s longtime friend and conscience
John Tall Wolf, Special Agent, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
Esme Thrice, administrative director, McGill Investigations
Gabrielle Tompkins, MD, Ken McGill’s fiancée
Big Mike Walker [Beemer], former MPDC, private investigator
Rebecca “Beck” Westlake, candidate for president

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