The Last Ballot Cast, Part 1 Character List

The Last Ballot Cast, Part 1 [Book #4 in the series]

[In alphabetical order by last name]
Olin Anderson, “retired” member of CIA
Sir Edbert Bickford, CEO of global media empire WorldWide News
Linley Boland, auto thief [aka Jackie Richmond]
Ellie Booker, producer for WorldWide News
Edwina Byington, the president’s personal secretary
Daryl Cheveyo, CIA officer, Damon Todd’s agency contact
Hugh Collier, nephew of Sir Bickford
Celsus Crogher, Secret Service Agent in charge of White House Security Detail
Arn Crosby, “retired” member of CIA
Byron DeWitt, FBI Deputy Director
Admiral David Dexter, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
Reynard Dix, Chairman of the Republican National Committee
Liesl Eberhardt, Kenny’s sometime girlfriend
Carolyn [McGill] Enquist, first wife of Jim McGill
Lars Enquist, Carolyn’s [McGill] second husband
Rev. Burke Godfrey, Pastor of Salvation’s Path Church, husband of Erna
Erna Godfrey, anti-abortion activist, incarcerated murderer; wife of Rev. Burke Godfrey
Andrew Hudson Grant, President Grant’s 1st husband
Patricia Darden Grant, President of the United States, wife of Jim McGill, widow of Andrew Hudson Grant
Michael Jaworsky, Attorney General
Elspeth Kendry, Secret Service Special Agent
Donald “Deke” Ky, McGill’s Secret Service bodyguard
Leo Levy, McGill’s armed driver, ex NASCAR race driver
Carina Linberg, USAF colonel, retired
Chana Lochlan, television reporter; source of leaks from WorldWide News
James J. (Jim) McGill, second husband of President Patricia Darden Grant, aka The President’s Henchman
Abbie McGill, oldest child of Jim McGill and his first wife Carolyn
Kenny McGill, middle child, only son of Jim McGill and his first wife Carolyn
Caitie McGill, youngest child of Jim McGill and his first wife Carolyn
Henry Melchior, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee
Galia Mindel, Chief of Staff to President Grant
Dikran “Dikki” Missirian, McGill’s business landlord
Artemus Nicolaides, White House physician
Stephen Norwood, Galia Mindel’s Deputy Chief of Staff
Linda Otani, Deputy Attorney General
Sir Robert Reed, Welborn Yates’ British father
Margaret “Sweetie” Sweeney, Jim McGill’s investigative partner, former police partner
Putnam Shady, lobbyist, landlord and lover of Margaret Sweeney
Stanwick, “retired” member of CIA
Damon Todd, deranged psychotherapist [aka Danny Templeton]
Alice Tompkins, [aka Mary] owner of Mango Mary’s bar in Key West
Clare Tracy, Jim McGill’s college sweetheart
Captain Welborn Yates, Air Force Office of Special Investigations
Kira Fahey Yates, wife of Welborn Yates
Benton Williams, lawyer for Rev. Godfrey
Tom T. Wright, billionaire and Super PAC contributor
Mather Wyman, Vice President, Kira’s Fahey Yates’ uncle

Elected Officials and Staff
Bobby Beckley, Sen Hurlbert’s campaign manager and chief of staff
Richard Bergen, Senator from Illinois, Democrat, assistant majority leader
Marlene Berman, Representative from New York, Democrat, House minority leader
Paul Brandstetter, Secretary of State from Iowa
Beau Brunelle, Senator from Louisiana, [Republican]
Alberto Calendri, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
Lara Chavez, Governor of California [Democrat]
Dan Crockett, Senator from Tennessee, [Republican]
Charles Delmain, Secretary of State from South Carolina
Derek Geiger, deceased Republican Speaker of the House
John Patrick Granby, Secretary of State from New Hampshire
Titus Hawkins, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
Howard Hurlbert, Senator from Mississippi, Republican
Cassidy Kimbrough, daughter of Sheryl Kimbrough
Sheryl Kimbrough, professor at Indiana University, Republican elector from Indiana
Jim McKee, Senator from North Carolina, [Republican]
Bob Merriman, former Chief of Staff to Senator Michaelson
Roger Michaelson, Senator from Oregon, Democrat
Jean Morrissey, Governor of Minnesota, [Democrat]
Frank Morrissey, Governor Morrissey’s brother and confidant
Edward Mulcahy, Governor of Illinois [Democrat]
Darrin Neff, Senator from South Carolina, [Republican]
Merilee Parker, former press secretary for Sen. Howard Hurlbert
Diego Paz, Representative from California, Democrat, assistant minority leader
Peter Profitt, Representative from North Carolina, Republican, House Majority Leader
Eugene Rinaldo, Governor of New York [Democrat]
Charles Talbert, Senator from Indiana, Republican
John Wexford, Senator from Michigan, Democrat, Senate Majority Leader

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