The K Street Killer Character List

The K Street Killer [Book #3 of the series]

[in alphabetical order by last name]
Brad Attles, Derek Geiger’s divorce lawyer
Sir Edbert Bickford, CEO of WorldWide News global media empire
Linley Boland, car thief
Ellie Booker, producer for WorldWide News
Rockelle Bullard, homicide lieutenant, Washington Metro PD
Edwina Byington, Personal secretary to the President
Hugh Collier, Sir Edbert’s nephew, senior VP of WorldWide News
Celsus Crogher, Secret Service Agent in charge of White House Security Detail
Carolyn (McGill) Enquist, first wife of Jim McGill
Lars Enquist, Carolyn’s second husband
Kira Fahey, Welborn Yates’ fiancée, White House staffer
Rep. Zachary Garner (D-VA), Member of the House of Representatives, Kenny McGill’s new friend
Derek Geiger, Republican Speaker of the House
Harlo Geiger, Derek Geiger’s wife
Erna Godfrey, anti-abortion activist, incarcerated murderer of Andrew Hudson Grant, wife of Rev. Burke Godfrey
Rev. Burke Godfrey, Pastor of Salvation’s Path Church, husband of Erna Godfrey
Andrew Hudson Grant, President Grant’s late husband, billionaire philanthropist
Patricia Darden Grant, President of the United States, former Congresswoman, wife of James J. McGill, widow of Andrew Hudson Grant
Elspeth Kendry, Secret Service Special Agent, McGill’s threat assessment coordinator
Donald (Deke) Ky, Jim McGill’s personal Secret Service bodyguard
Leo Levy, McGill’s personal (armed) driver, former NASCAR driver
Chana Lochlan, Former reporter for WorldWide News, Jim McGill’s first client as a private investigator
James J. (Jim) McGill, Second husband of President Patricia Darden Grant, aka The President’s Henchman
Abbie McGill (18) daughter of Jim McGill and Carolyn Enquist
Kenny McGill (14) son of Jim McGill and Carolyn Enquist
Caitie McGill (12)daughter of Jim McGill and Carolyn Enquist
Marvin Meeker, Metro homicide detective
Anson Merriman, Robert Merriman’s brother, a high-end lobbyist
Bob Merriman, Senator Michaelson’s former chief of staff, candidate for Senate
Roger Michaelson, U.S senator (D-OR), the President’s political nemesis
Galia Mindel, President Grant’s chief of staff
Dikran “Dikki” Missirian, Landlord of McGill Investigations, Inc.
Artemus Nicolaides, White House physician
Putnam Shady, Margaret Sweeney’s beau and landlord, a lobbyist
Margaret “Sweetie” Sweeney, Jim McGill’s investigative partner, former police partner
Clare Tracy, Jim McGill’s college sweetheart
Big Mike Walker, aka Beemer, Metro homicide detective
Mather Wyman, Vice President of the United States, Kira Fahey’s uncle
Captain Welborn Yates, Air Force OSI, President Grant’s (official) personal investigator

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