The Echo of the Whip Character List

The Echo of the Whip [Book #8 of the series]

[in alphabetical order by last name]
Ah-lam, wife of Tyler Busby
Eugene Beck, assassin/thief, formerly U.S. military
Abra Benjamin, Special Agent, FBI
Gawayne Blessing, White House head butler
Ellie Booker, Independent news producer
Philip Brock, Democratic Congressman from Pennsylvania
Tyler Busby, fugitive billionaire wanted by FBI
Edwina Byington, the president’s personal secretary
Hugh Collier, CEO of WorldWide News media empire
Celsus Crogher, retired Secret Service SAC
Byron DeWitt, Deputy Director of the FBI
Deirdre “Didi” DiMarco, WWN news show host
Darren Drucker, billionaire co-founder of ShareAmerica
Carolyn [McGill] Enquist, first wife of Jim McGill
Jordan Gilford, whistleblower, murder victim
Erna Godfrey, federal prisoner, woman who killed Andrew Hudson Grant
Patricia Darden Grant, President of the United States, second wife of Jim McGill
Andrew Hudson Grant (deceased), philanthropist, the president’s first husband
Bahir Ben Kalil, (deceased) personal physician to the Jordanian ambassador to the U.S.
Dr. Hasna Kalil, twin sister of late Dr. Bahir Ben Kalil
[SAC] Elspeth Kendry, head of the Presidential Protection Detail
Carina Linberg, novelist, formerly a colonel in USAF.
Donald “Deke” Ky, Jim McGill’s personal Secret Service bodyguard
Leo Levy, Jim McGill’s personal driver
Wallace MacDuff, LAPD detective
Jim McGill, president’s husband, aka The President’s Henchman
Roger Michaelson, (formerly Senator D-OR) Patti Grant’s one-time political nemesis
Galia Mindel, White House chief of staff
Jean Morrissey, Vice President of the U.S.
Thomas Winston Rangel, conservative intellectual
Joan Renshaw, former director of The Andrew Hudson Grant Foundation
Putnam Shady, head lobbyist of ShareAmerica, Sweetie’s husband
Margaret “Sweetie” Sweeney, McGill’s longtime friend and police partner; Putnam’s wife
Edmond Whelan, chief of staff to House Whip
Welborn Yates, the president’s personal (official) investigator, Air Force captain
Eloy Zapata, LAPD detective

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