The Big Fix Character List

The Big Fix [Jim McGill Novel #12]

[in alphabetical order by last name]
Aidan Behan, Detective, MPD, Washington, D.C.
Abra Benjamin, FBI Director
Ellie Booker, freelance reporter/producer
Ibrahim Boutros, Major General in Jordanian Air Force
Rockelle Bullard, Washington D.C. Mayor
Edwina Byington, Patti’s personal secretary
Hugh Collier, CEO of WWN
Celsus Crogher, CEO, Crogher Personal Protection
Byron DeWitt, former Deputy Director, FBI; now President Morrissey’s husband
Carolyn [McGill] Enquist, first wife of Jim McGill; mother of Abbie, Kenny and Caitie
Lily Kealoha, Detective First Grade, NYPD
Donald “Deke” Ky, a partner in McGill Investigations
Daphna Levy, Secret Service Special Agent
Leo Levy, Jim McGill’s personal driver
Abbie McGill, oldest daughter of Jim McGill and his first wife
Caitie McGill, youngest daughter of Jim McGill and his first wife
Jim McGill, CEO, McGill Investigations
Kenny McGill, son of Jim McGill and his first wife
Patti [Grant] McGill, former President, head of Committed Capital
Marvin Meeker, a principal in M&W Private Investigations
Galia Mindel, White House Chief of Staff for President Morrissey
Jean Morrissey, President
Constance Parker, Lottery winner
Nelda Reed, Parking enforcement officer
Dalton Rivers, Detective Sergeant, Maryland State Police
Putnam Shady, lawyer, husband of Margaret Sweeney
Margaret “Sweetie” Sweeney, McGill’s longtime friend and conscience
Esme Thrice, administrative director, McGill Investigations
Lonnie Tompkins, member of the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service
Cale Tucker, an employee of Committed Capital
Michael Walker [aka Beemer], a principal in M&W Private Investigations
Aria and Callista Yates, Kira and Welborn’s twin daughters
Kira Yates, wife of Welborn Yates
Welborn Yates, Lieutenant General, USAF

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