Still Coming

Every year the best colleges reject thousands of the brightest young minds in the country. But what might happen if a large number of them refused to take no for an answer?

One morning, Shepherdton College receives 437 envelopes from twenty-eight states. Each contains the same two-word message: Still coming.
That’s just the beginning. The college president’s house burns down; the water in the country club swimming pool turns red; the ghost of a local war hero appears. Another message is received: We’re Here.

Nerves fray, and if the “comers” aren’t trouble enough, a Peeping Tom turns into a home invader, and shows signs of becoming a full-blown sexual predator. The town fragments and people take up arms after one last message is received…

Won’t Be Long Now.

Still Coming is a psychological thriller for anyone, student or parent, who’s ever sweated a college admission decision.

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 “Wonderful premise. It’s well-written and the plot twists are great.” — Liz,
 “Revenge can be sweet. I loved this book.” — Sherry,
 “Another great who done it by Joseph Flynn.” — KenDen,

Published 2011 by Stray Dog Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9830312-9-1 [ebook]

Still Coming Expanded Edition
The expanded edition of Still Coming includes not only a psychological thriller but also a look behind the curtain of how it was written. The 106-day literary process of writing the novel is described in the included blog Committing Fiction. Also included are comprehensive biographies of the major characters and a partial story outline. For new writers learning their craft and curious readers wanting to see how a story comes into being, this is the opportunity to match the work of writing with the result.