Hot Type

Two men on the run …

Newspaperman Dan Cameron gets a cool old typewriter for his 40th birthday. It once belonged to Ben Hecht, who used it to write the movie Notorious. Dan uses it to write a best-seller. Then the Hecht estate says the typewriter was stolen and demands its return. As his lawyers fight in court, Dan and his wife, Erin, take off so he can get at least one more book out of the machine.

Bank robber Fetch McDonald is three weeks away from parole when his father brings bad news. Fetch’s ex-wife, Verene, who still holds title to his heart, is going to remarry in two weeks. One week before Fetch’s release. With the help of his cousin, Lerome, Fetch breaks out. But the car Lerome has stolen breaks down. Right outside of Dan and Erin’s cabin in the woods. The two desperados steal the Camerons’ SUV. And Lerome, a quirky sort, steals Dan’s typewriter and the only copy of his new novel. Not long after that Fetch and an unlikely accomplice are duplicating the crimes described in Dan’s novel.

Dan and Erin have no choice but to join in the manhunt. If the court rules against Dan, what’s he going to say? An escaped convict stole the typewriter? Yeah, right. Besides, Dan thinks there’s a new book in tracking down the thieves.

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  “Leaving his heroic detective behind, Flynn presents us with a farce, written through the eyes of the victims and the villain. Funny exciting and page turning.” —
 “Once again an excellent book! Full of 3D characters, good dialog and an interesting story.” — Chi-lover,
 “[Flynn] has the gift of grabbing the reader within the first few pages.” — Stephen Folk,

Published 2005 by Stray Dog Press, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9764170-1-9 [paperback]
ISBN: 978-0-9764170-5-7 [ebook]