Gasoline, Texas

Laddy Johnson may or may not be the unacknowledged love child of the late President Lyndon Baines Johnson. But one thing’s for sure: After fifteen years of being a Hollywood stuntman, Laddy’s back to run for mayor of his hometown of Gasoline, Texas.

His opponent is incumbent Edwin “Win-Win” Winslow. Win-Win is the quintessential Texas good ol’ boy. A former star lineman at Texas A&M, Win-Win now owns Texas Rolling Stock, an upsacale SUV dealership that sells internal combustion monsters like gas was still 25¢ a gallon. Which in Gasoline it still is. The town has its own oil field and refinery. And the Municipal Field is what the election is all about. Laddy vows to keep it. Win-Win wants to sell it to Big Oil, which is getting nervous about the idea of anybody in the country still having access to affordable fuel. Win-Win promises that every homeowner in town will get a windfall payment that will make the sale a good deal. Laddy cautions that Big Oil is way too slippery to trust.

Who will win? Will the Winslow dynasty be extended another generation? Will Laddy ever find out who his daddy is? Will he marry his first love, now a famous movie star? Or will he chuck everything to take up with Win-Win’s long lost daughter, Hayley? Finding out is a gusher of fun.

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“Flynn is an entertaining writer who doesn’t disappoint us.” — WJC Reader,
 “Called my brother in Houston and told him to put on his snake skin boots and prepare to go two stepping around the kitchen table as he reads Gasoline Texas.” — George Navadel,
“Discovering Joseph Flynn’s work has been a joy for me! Funny, witty, very smart writing.” — Carol Worthy,

Published 2007 by Stray Dog Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 9780976417033 [print]
ISBN-13 : 9780976417026 [ebook]