Blood Street Punx

Blood Street PunxFive rich kids from Chicago’s Gold Coast get an idea to advance their careers as artists. They’ll create a fictitious street gang, the Blood Street Punx, and start painting murals all over town. Their paintings will knock people’s eyes out. The Blood Street Punx will be depicted as huge, fearsome, all but mythical figures. People will have to take notice.

People do notice. The wrong people.

In short order, the city’s real gangs see the murals for these new Punx on their turf — and they don’t like it. When the Punx are connected to the destruction of one gang’s drug cache, war is declared on them.

That’s not the Punx only worry. A Chicago cop nicknamed “Lady Die” is given the job of tracking them down. She’s fallen out of favor with the department, has a “brick” on her career, and finding the new gang becomes her only task. That’s bad for the Punx because she’s a lot smarter than any street thug.
So what are the Punx going to do now? The same thing any rich, young group of artists would do: Paint their masterpiece as fast as they can.

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 “He writes a great story” — William H. Grant,
 “A fascinating insight into Chicago gangs, politics and law enforcement. This book is a page turner where violence is widespread and corruption is a given. Highly recommend.” — Kaylee Gholson,
  “Joseph Flynn is one hell of a story teller..” — Donald Sabino,

Published 2011 by Stray Dog Press, Inc.
ISBN 9780983031260 (eBook)