The King of Mirth Character List

The King of Mirth [Book #11 in the series]

Gene Beck, investigator for McGill Investigations
Edwina Byington, Patti’s right-hand woman
Haskell Carver, head of security for Teagan Tobias
Gabbi Casale, partner in McGill Investigations
Eloy Chavez, Mexican drug lord
Catherine Clarke, daughter of Wallace Rhymes
Jim McGill, CEO, McGill Investigations
Patti [Grant] McGill, former President, head of Committed Capital
Marlon Janeway, client and brother of Alice Janeway
Alice Janeway, missing person
Donald “Deke” Ky, partner in McGill Investigations
Daphna Levy, Secret Service special agent
Leo Levy, Jim McGill’s personal driver
Dorie McBride, Hollywood super agent
Galia Mindel, former White House Chief of Staff
Frank Morrissey, White House Chief of Staff
Jean Morrissey, President
Fred Nakamura, Keely Powell’s samurai
Maj Olson, investigator for McGill Investigations
Keely Powell, investigator for McGill Investigations
Yves Pruet, partner in McGill Investigations
Clint Rhymes, son of Wallace Rhymes
Cole Rhymes, son of Wallace Rhymes
Henry Rhymes, son of Wallace Rhymes
Wallace Rhymes, stock broker
Margaret “Sweetie” Sweeney, McGill’s longtime friend and conscience
Tad Thacker, environmental engineer
Esme Thrice, administrative director, McGill Investigations
Teagan Tobias, performance artist
Lindsay Todd, friend of Alice Janeway

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