The Hangman’s Companion Character List

The Hangman’s Companion [Book #2 of the series]

[in alphabetical order by last name]
Calanthe Bao, daughter and executive assistant of Horatio Bao
Horatio Bao, lawyer, Vietnamese crook
Richard Bergen, U.S. Senator [D. IL], Assistant Majority Leader
Gawayne Blessing, White House head butler
Edwina Byington, President Grant’s personal secretary
Gabriella “Gabbi” Casale, artist, security officer, U.S. Embassy, Paris
Celsus Crogher, Secret Service SAC
Thierry Duchamp, French soccer player
Carolyn [McGill] Enquist, first wife of Jim McGill
Lars Enquist, Carolyn’s second husband
Kira Fahey, Vice President Mather Wyman’s niece
Patricia Darden Grant, President of the United States, wife of Jim McGill
Andrew Hudson Grant (deceased), the president’s first husband
“Ricky” Lanh Huu, Bao’s bagman and enforcer
Glen Kinnard, ex Chicago cop
Suzanne Kinnard, deceased wife of Glen Kinnard
Emilie Kinnard LaBelle, daughter of Glen and Suzanne
Donald “Deke” Ky, Jim McGill’s personal Secret Service bodyguard
Musette Ky, Deke’s mother
Leo Levy, Jim McGill’s personal driver
Charles Louvel, Pruet family employee
Père Louvel, French cleric, brother of Charles Louvel
Jim McGill, Patricia (Patti) Darden Grant’s second husband, aka henchman, private investigator
Abbie McGill, the oldest child of Jim McGill and Carolyn Enquist
Caitie McGill, the youngest child of Jim McGill and Carolyn Enquist
Kenny McGill, the middle child of Jim McGill and Carolyn Enquist
Bob Merriman, Senator [D, OR]
Roger Michaelson, formerly Senator D-OR
Galia Mindel, White House Chief of Staff
Dikran “Dikki” Missirian, McGill’s business landlord
Francis Nguyen, Catholic priest and Deke’s cousin
Artemus Nicolaides, White House physician
George O’Menehy, archbishop of Arlington, Virginia
Talbert Perkins, Deke Ky’s biological father, undersheriff in Charleston County, SC
Augustin Pruet, Yves Pruet’s father
Yves Pruet, French investigating magistrate
Odo Sacripant, Yves Pruet’s Corsican bodyguard
Jean Louis Severin, President of France during Patricia Grant’s first term
Putnam Shady, Sweetie’s landlord
Margaret “Sweetie” Sweeney, McGill’s business partner
Mather Wyman, Vice President of the U.S.
Welborn Yates, the president’s official investigator

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