Joseph Flynn, Author

The Daddy’s Girl Decoy, a Jim McGill Novel [#9] is available in ebook and print editions.

Nothing lights a fire under Jim McGill like the thought of someone threatening his family. So when he gets a call from his elder daughter, Abbie, about a frightening development, he’s ready to rip somebody a new one. Only he learns that the Secret Service has initiated a new measure to protect his children.

SAC Elspeth Kendry has combed the service’s ranks to find young agents who closely resemble Abbie, Ken and Caitie, the idea being that the decoys will confuse and divert anyone harboring bad thoughts for the McGill kids. The plan works only too well. Special Agent Carrie Ramsey is kidnapped by a gang who think she’s Caitie McGill.

In no small way, and with some legitimacy, Caitie blames herself for the abduction. She’s determined to help the special agent regain her freedom. That’s something McGill is reluctant to do at first. Then Carrie’s parents come to McGill and plead with him: Help save the life of a young woman who was ready to sacrifice hers for Caitie.

Reasoning doesn’t get any more compelling than that. McGill goes all out. Even to the point of wangling an FBI badge for himself.