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McGill's Paris

     For a writer, it's a stroke of good luck to be able to do onsite research — especially when you set your story in Paris. The sights I saw in the City of Light, the people I met, the meals I ate, even the trains I took to carry me about all added to the texture of The Hangman's Companion.
     For a reader, this movie gives you a visual sense of the places I wrote about. A restaurant, a pub, a bridge, an apartment building, a riverboat: they're all featured in the book. If you've already read The Hangman's Companion, see if you can pick out their images. If you're going to read the novel, you'll have a much better idea of where McGill does his sleuthing. If nothing else, spending a few minutes looking at pictures of Paris is its own reward.
     You can order your copy of The Hangman's Companion from Amazon [trade paper or Kindle], B&N [trade paper].

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