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The Last Ballot Cast
"Mr. Flynn's past writings in the Jim Mcgill series had everything in a story that holds your interest: Humor, great story telling, fast-paced reading, drama, and romance." amazon.com, 7/25/12 5 stars
"This series is wonderful. Be sure to read this in order. Characters and plot that you will enjoy. Left me wanting more with each book." amazon.com 5/15/13 5 stars

Round Robin
"A wonderful read with likable characters and a charming story line. I really like this author's writing style. Humorous and genuine. You won't be disappointed!" amazon.com, 6/22/13 5 stars
"Captivating. Very well written. You could feel for the characters. There were a host of emotions while reading this story. I laughed, I cried, and felt sympathy for the characters. I truly enjoy reading a book that takes me through these emotions." amazon.com, 6/22/13 5 stars
"Loved it! I truly enjoyed reading this book. You were drawn into the book to learn more about each character. An unexpected romance which delighted me with each page. I would highly recommend this book to everyone!" amazon.com, 6/19/13 5 stars

Tall Man in Ray-Bans
"Exciting first in new mystery series!"amazon.com, 3/2/125 stars
"Another of Joseph Flynn's books I could not put down." amazon.com, 3/6/12 5 stars
"Joseph Flynn is an excellent story teller. … I lost sleep a couple nights not wanting to wait to see what would happen next." amazon.com, 6/29/12 5 stars

The K Street Killer
"Anybody who loves a great mystery will enjoy these. DEFINITELY BEGIN WITH NUMBER 1, which is The President's Henchman; 2 is The Hangman's Companion and now this thriller. amazon.com, 11/12/115 stars
"Solid Suspenseful Political Thriller … " amazon.com, 7/10/12 5 stars
"Excellent story, well written, all three of the books in this series are good reads. I highly recommend all three books." amazon.com, 4/6/12 5 stars

The Hangman's Companion
"I loved this book! It is fast-paced and full of action." amazon.com, 11/3/10 5 stars
"Outstanding Read. … I have recommended Joseph Flynn to several of my book loving friends and relatives and am looking forward to the next Jim McGill installment." amazon.com, 10/28/115 stars
"After reading "The President's Henchman", I rushed to find out if there were more Jim McGill novels and was rewarded with "The Hangman's Companion". This sequel is even better than the original!" amazon.com, 4/29/12 5 stars
Joseph Flynn writes another excellent story, continuing the story of Jim McGill …The book reads at a quick pace … I really hope Flynn continues with these characters!" barnesandnoble.com , 3/11/115 stars

"I have read many of this author's books and this is one of the absolute best! I didn't want it to end. amazon.com, 6/2/115 stars
"[Flynn] has now moved into my top 5 authors - one of the best books I've read." amazon.com, 8/12/11 5 stars
"I have read a lot of books in this genre by Connelly, Pelecanos, Hall, Burke, Crais and others. "Nailed" is right up there with the best of them. It had great plot (with a real mystery), real characters, message, atmosphere and humor." amazon.com 8/2/11 5 stars