What they're saying about Joseph Flynn and his writing . . .

"Flynn is an excellent storyteller." — Booklist

"Flynn [is] a master of high octane plotting." — Chicago Tribune

"[Digger] is a mystery cloaked as cleverly as (and perhaps better than) any John Grisham work." — Denver Post

"[Digger] is a deftly-mapped thriller. Page-turner of the week." — People Magazine

"[The Next President] an original, suspenseful thriller" — Thriller Editor, amazon.com

"[The President's Henchman] is marvelously entertaining." — ForeWord Magazine

"Flynn keeps the pages turning." — Houston Chronicle

The President's Henchman The Hangman's Companion The K Street Killer The Last Ballot Cast Part 1 The Last Ballot Cast Part 2 The Devil on the Doorstep The Good Guy with a Gun The Echo of the Whip The Daddy's Girl Decoy
Tall Man in Ray Bans War Party Super Chief Smoke Signals Still Coming One False Step Nailed Defiled Impaled Blood Street Punx
Round Robin Farewell Performance Gasoline Texas Hot Type The Next President Digger The Concrete Inquisition Hangman