Everybody wants to put in their two cents . . .

     In the old days, authors wanted "praise" from reviewers at big city newspapers. Getting a hosanna or two from the New York Times was a sign that you'd made it. Still is to some degree. High circulation magazines were important, too. Big name reviewing services could provide more validation. All these taste-makers were supposed to tell the reader if a book was worth his/her time and money.
     I never got an NYT review, but I checked off pretty much all the other review players on my scorecard and did well with them. I've used my "glowing reviews" for years. But the world has changed with the arrival of ebooks and reader reviews. Now, I put reader reviews ahead of media reviews. I think they're closer in understanding and expression to the way other readers will feel, and they're interactive. I never wrote back to any of my media reviewers — though there was this one guy at the Washington Post I was tempted to punch.

Reader Reviews and Media Reviews