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Big Medicine cover

John Tall Wolf is back.

Jean Morrissey, the new President of the United States wants John Tall Wolf to join her Cabinet and become the next Secretary of the Interior. John wants nothing to do with that job. Further complicating matters, Marlene Flower Moon, John’s nemesis, has disappeared, and John can’t help but wonder what devilry she might be plotting. On top of that, John’s great-grandfather, Alan White River, the mastermind of the Super Chief theft, has been released from prison early, his behavior to be supervised for two years by John.

Happily, though, White River brings someone with him who has a problem for John to solve. Dr. Yvette Lisle, a medical researcher and a member of the Omaha Indian tribe, just might have solved the problem of overcoming drug-resistant bacteria, only her laptop computer with all her data on it has been stolen from her laboratory. That’s the bad news. The good news is finding the computer gives John a perfect excuse for stalling the President.

Except … finding the computer might be a lot more dangerous than John thinks, and the President gives him just three days to crack the case before she turns it over to the FBI.

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