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McGill is back .

TBFI coverThe youngest U.S. senator in American history arrives in Washington, D.C. He hales from Illinois, and his name is Andrew Baxter Lincoln … but he ran for office and won by abbreviating his first two names to their initials: A.B. Lincoln. The echo of his famous predecessor is both obvious and intentional.

But now he’s in a fix. He’s the decisive vote in an otherwise evenly split Senate. The GOP and True South think Andy is their new plaything. Only he ran for office as a Lincoln Republican. That puts him at odds with the conservatives.

Their problem might be solved by … well, another assassination. Andy recognizes that possibility and turns to Jim McGill for help.

As ever, trouble never comes singly to McGill. The boyfriend of his daughter, Abbie, disappears and may have been kidnapped. Worse, China might have grabbed the brilliant young man. Abbie also turns to McGill for help.

With double-duty to do, there’s one last problem. McGill is starting to feel his age.

The Boy From Illinois
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Personal Note: This past month, May, 2021, my wife Catherine and I had our hearts broken. Our only child, Caitie, a/k/a Cat, died of the breast cancer she’d been diagnosed with at age 24. Cat was amazing: a fighter, a brilliant scholar, an intuitive teacher, my most discerning proofreader, and the inspiration for the character of Caitie McGill. In Cat’s honor, we’re working to establish an endowed scholarship in her name at North Carolina State University where she did her grad work and taught. If you’d like to contribute to the endowment fund — no amount is too small or too big —  https://gofund.me/cc7dfe67.