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When friends need a hand, McGill is their man. Former Metro PD detectives Meeker and Beemer, now working as private investigators, have a client who has a winning Grand Slam lotto ticket worth $212 million. Only there’s another winner, and this one has been officially announced while Meeker and Beemer’s client feels like he’s getting squeezed out. With a nine-figure payoff hanging in the balance, Meeker and Beemer decide they’ll need McGill’s help to make sure things work out the right way.

That same morning, newswoman-provocateur Ellie Booker drops in on McGill. She has a simple request for him. Tell her just how much trouble she might be facing. Only Ellie doesn’t want to share why she might be in danger. Unable to reach an agreement with McGill, Ellie walks out and almost gets gunned down the moment she leaves the building.

At first glance, the two cases seem to have nothing to do with each other, but in McGill’s world life is never that simple.

The Big Fix is classic McGill.

Available from Amazon.com, August 15, 2019
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