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The Good Guy with a Gun, A Jim McGill Novel [#6]

The Good Guy with a Gun       One Saturday, a new client comes to Jim McGill with a desperate plea. Zara Gilford says someone is planning to kill her husband soon. Jordan Gilford is already famous as a whistle-blower who exposed corruption at two major defense contractors. Now, he works for the Inspector General's office at the Pentagon. Zara tells McGill someone wants to make sure Jordan doesn't find thievery inside the Department of Defense.

That same morning, Abel Mays, a despondent public high school football coach who has lost two star players from his team to the recruiting efforts of the coach at the exclusive Winstead School in Georgetown, uses an assault weapon to gun down the players who deserted him, their new coaches and the teammates who try to help.

Then Mays is found shot dead in his SUV — after his weapon is used to kill one last victim, Jordan Gilford. For FirePower America lobbyist Auric Ludwig this is a dream come true: A good guy with a gun has killed a bad guy with a gun.

Zara Gilford isn't buying that. She persuades McGill to find out who really killed her husband. McGill's investigations threatens Ludwig's narrative. But a political firestorm is just one of the problems McGill will face. The president asks her henchman to bring Jordan Gilford's killer in alive, and that's when things get really dangerous.

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War PartyNew!
War Party, A John Tall Wolf Novel

       Special Agent John Tall Wolf of the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) describes his job like this: "I work at the intersection of Native American and mainstream cultures. If there's a four-car pile-up, I try to sort things out."
      The metaphor is particularly apt on the August morning in New Orleans when all the traffic lights turn green at the same time causing citywide gridlock and providing the perfect cover for a gang of eight men on motorcycles to rob the Thibodeaux State Bank. Normally, the FBI would have sole responsibility to investigate.
      This time, though, John is called in because the robbers were decked out as Native Americans, a 21st century take on a war party. John raises the idea that the warpaint and feathers might be misdirection. Then a group calling itself Red Nation Rising claims credit for the robbery.
      That name might be double entendre. Washington suspects that China might be at work in the shadows, testing cyberwarfare against the United States. John Tall Wolf and his FBI counterpart, Deputy Director Byron DeWitt, have to come up with answers, bag the crooks and make it fast.

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The Devil on the Doorstep, A Jim McGill Novel [#5]

The Devil on the DoorstepWhen you win reelection to be president of the United States by one electoral vote, as Patricia Darden Grant has done, you're going to make a lot of people angry. Some of them might even try to change the outcome by violence. The Secret Service fears an assassination attempt at the president's second inauguration, one using drone launched missiles.
     The president could forsake the public ceremony, but that would tell the terrorists they have her running scared. Her second term would become a lost cause. She refuses to let that happen, and informs the Secret Service it will be up to them to keep her safe.
     Not entirely up to them, though. James J. McGill, will also be on the case. So will White House Chief of Staff Galia Mindel. Even retired SAC Celsus Crogher is called back to make sure no harm comes to the president.
     Then McGill's life gets even more complicated. His friends, Investigating Magistrate Yves Pruet and his bodyguard Odo Sacripant, come to town searching for a stolen Renoir painting. Gabbi Casale is already at the White House, finishing up McGill's official portrait. The old gang from Paris is back together.
     Only McGill feels Pruet is holding out on him. Something more than finding a masterpiece is at stake here. Something that, oddly enough, might tie in with the attempt on the president's life.

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