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ImpaledImpaled, the new Ron Ketchum Mystery, is now available!

Ron Ketchum gets a nighttime phone call from Clay Steadman, movie icon and the man who saved Ron's career as a cop. Clay says he's dying and wants to ask Ron for a favor or two before he goes. 

Ron races through a Sierra Nevada blizzard to Clay's house, but he's too late. Clay is already dead. Someone has driven a wooden stake through his heart. Impaled him. 

Things get even more macabre. Marlene Flower Moon, Clay's production partner on his latest film, slips past a police guard and enters the murder scene. She sniffs the body, picking up the killer's scent in the most literal way. 

If that's not enough, an earthquake hits, triggering a number of avalanches. Ron hopes Mother Nature has trapped the killer in Goldstrike, the mountain resort town where he's now mayor. 

Maybe she has. Because a screenwriter Clay talked to about collaborating with him on his final script soon turns up dead. So now there are two murder cases for Ron to solve.

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The Ron Ketchum Mystery Series

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